These are the weapons the special air service are currently known to use:

C8 Carbine, M16 (several variants), HK G3, HK 33/53, HK G36, HK MP5, MAC 11, P226, Browning High Power M1911, Welrod, Remington 870, HK 417, L96 A1, AW .50 , Arwen 27 (Tear Gas Launcher), Flash Bang, M72 LAW, Claymore, M203 40mm Grenade Launcher, UGL (grenade Launcher), Mk 19 Grenade Launcher, Stinger Missile.

OK so however wrote this welldone.

the black kit

  • s10 gasmask
  • Fire proof overalls
  • kelvar amour vest and tatical vest
  • HKmp5
  • browning hi power
  • remington 870 shotgun or a sledge hammer (door openers only)

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